At every Jewish wedding, the chatan and kallah receive the traditional blessing: "May you be zocheh to build a Bayit Neeman B’Yisrael".  Unfortunately, there are many young couples in Israel for whom starting a new home presents an insurmountable financial burden.  They cannot afford to purchase the most basic items to stock a kitchen or bedroom and begin their lives as a Jewish family.

Emunah B’Simcha , a new charity started by a group of young women, and operating under the auspices of Emunah Jerusalem, is working actively to identify couples in need.  Each couple is referred by a reputable institution and then presented with a gift package of new linens, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and blankets.

Some of the recipients of the Emunah B'Simcha packages come from very troubled backgrounds with little or no familial support.For them the package is not simply a financial help, but represents emotional support, that there are people who want them to succeed in their new life together.



​To date, Emunah B’Simcha has delivered packages to many grateful couples. Many of the couples we help come from Ethiopian backgrounds where poverty is rampant. Our packages have an enormous impact on these couples. There are however, countless others in need of help.

We invite you to join us in this important project by donating to Emunah B’Simcha and allowing these chatanim and kallot to begin their lives together with dignity and happiness..

"We wish to thank the Emunah B'Simcha team, who gave my new husband and I, a chance to live our daily lives with dignity. We feel blessed that you reached out to help us in this happy, but difficult time in our lives".  (Miriam and Yaniv)

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